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Q; Where are you located?
A: Naples, Florida

Q; What is your phone number?
A; 917-589-4428 (yes, I have an NYC number)

Q; What type of payments do you take?
A; We take Visa/MC, personal checks or cash.

Q; How do I make an appointment?
A; Please call to set up and appointment.

Q; How long is a session?
A; It depends on what type of session. Newborns and babies need more time, because they take frequent breaks.

Q: Do we get digital files?
A; With each package purchased, whatever photo you buy, the corresponding high resolution 5x7" digital file of that image will be sent to you.

Q: Do you give disks of files of the entire session?
A: No. In order to retain the integrity of my images, no disks with digital images are given out to clients. Believe me when I tell you, I have seen what people do to digital files. I do not want my work associated with poor reproductions or retouching.

Q; When do we see our photos?
A; I go through all of the shots and edit down to the best shots. I retouch every single shot, print them out in 5x7 prints, and mount them in 8x10 mats. Then, you come in for your Reveal Session.

Q; What is a Reveal Session?
A: A Reveal Session is when my clients come in to view their gorgeous photos. All decision makers must be present at the time of the Reveal Session. I schedule one Reveal Session per shooting, so please make arrangements for all decision makers to be present at the Reveal Session.

Q; When should I book my Newborn Session?
A; Please contact me at least 8-10 weeks before your due date to book your Newborn Session. I want to ensure that you get a space on our calendar for this momentous event.

Q; How should I prepare my baby before a Newborn Session?
A; Keep your baby awake before the session. Yes, we know this is hard to do, but try your best. We want them sleepy, well fed and relaxed while they are in the studio. Please check our Newborn Sessions page.

Q; Is there anything I should bring for my Baby Session?
A; Yes! Make sure you bring bottles, an extra outfit, and realize that we may need to take a bottle break, to help them relax. Babies do best when they have a full belly. ;o) Please check our Baby Sessions page.

Q; My baby has acne. What should I do?
A; Most babies have some kind of baby acne. It's natural. We offer retouching and can remove blemishes.

Q; What if my baby has an accident?
A; Ya know, babies have accidents. That's why all of my backdrops are washable. Not to worry.

Q; What if my baby is fussy?
A; Babies can be fussy. That's okay. We must honor them and what they are going through. I am patient and loving. Not to worry.

Q; I am scheduled to do a Maternity Session - what should I bring?
A; Be creative! Bring sexy lingerie, accessories, pashminas, flowers, hats, etc… Please make sure you have a mani-pedi before your session. Please check our Maternity Sessions page for more information.

Q; I feel conflicted… I really want to take Maternity shots, but I am afraid I won't look good - what should I do?
A; Honor yourself. Take the plunge. I will take care of the rest. Retouching services are available upon request to help you look your best. I understand it can be nerve wracking, but trust me, you will soon let go of the fear and take pride in the moment… and enjoy the entire experience.

Q; What if my child does not cooperate?
A; Look, that rarely happens. They are in a new and unfamiliar environment, so they may have a difficult time settling down. ;o) In all of my years, there was only one meltdown so bad that we had to reschedule.

Q; What should we wear?
A; My main objective is to capture your personality, so it is key to be comfortable. I suggest you coordinate your outfits - but not too matchy-matchy. Ladies, I discourage tight skirts, because you may be sitting on the floor with your child at times.

Q; Do you offer holiday cards and birth announcements?
A; Yes! Everything I do is custom designed. I value your input, regarding colors, theme and verbiage, but I have no problem going it alone.

Q; Will you post my pictures on the internet?
A; I will never post your photos anywhere without your approval.

Q; What if I change my mind about the photos I purchased?
A; I do not accept changes, exchanges or returns on any products. All work is retouched and printed for individual clients. Once a photo has left our hands, no returns/exchanges will be honored.

Q; Do you offer retouching?
A; Yes, I am an expert retoucher.